※ For the improvement of the product quality, specifications are subject to change without notice.

System Specificaitons
Product Name Food Waste Weighing and Fermentation•Eradication Equipment
Model WR-150
Material SUS&STEEL + Liquid (Powder) Paint
Input Method RFID card & password
Size 2.5M(L) X 1.8M(W) X 1.2M(H) 대용량(업소용)제품의 규격
Weight 1680kg
Processing Capacity 150kg/day
Processing Method Fermentation•decay using microbe
Communication WCDMA
Power Consumption Below 80kw/day
Product Comparison by Processing Method
Category Mid-Temp Fermentation(ECO Clean) High-Temp Fermentation Drying
Processing Method Fermentation•Decay in mid temperature Fermentation by microbe in high temperature•drying Hot-air drying
Microbe Bacillus line and others Thermophilic Actinomycetes -
Salinity Below 0.5% High Salinity High Salinity
Sewage • Wastewater No discharge of sewage•wastewater No discharge of sewage•wastewater Discharge of sewage
By-product Organic compost/pellet High salinity compost Dried food waste
Foul Smell No foul smell Foul Smell Foul Smell
Input Method Occasional input Occasional input Setting the time to input
Processing Temp/ Processing Time 30~40℃/day Higher than 60℃ Hot air over 60℃
Electricity Consumption Low electricity due to the keeping of low temperature High electricity due to the keeping of high temperature High electricity due to the use of high-temperature hot air
  • Advantages of ECO CLEAN
  • Control System
  • Conventional Processing Method
  • ECO Clean Method
Decomposition process of food waste
Real Time Monitoring System

When a user dumps food wastes to the equipment installed at the apartment building, the user’s information (building and unit number), time, measured weight, etc. are saved to the management site of WOORAM Co., Ltd. in real time and this information is provided to relevant institutions such as administrator, local governmental entity, apartment administration office, etc. (Monitoring System) In addition, the equipment state is managed in real time and by the change of the operation state of the product in advance, malfunctions can be prevented in advance. (Control System)

How to use RFID card
Installation of the product must be done
by the manufacturer.
Since this product is installed in the outdoor, earth installation must be done.
Do not dissemble, repair or modify
the product arbitrarily.
Install the product on the flat floor horizontally.
Otherwise, it can be the cause for malfunction, vibration, and noise.
When there is a need to re-install the already installed product, contact the branch that the product was purchased or service center.
Do not arbitrarily modify
or extend the power cord.
. It can cause fire or electrical shock.
Before inserting food wastes, make sure to separate the food wastes included on the list of “Food Wastes that should not be inserted”.
Do not put objects on the product
or sit on the product.
It might cause malfunctions or the objects on the product might fall and injure people.
After dumping the food waste, check the display window and when it shows “welcome” message, the next procedure can be continued.
Do not spray water to the product.
It can cause malfunction.
Do not hold the lid of the inlet with a hand.
It can cause malfunction.
If the voice instruction is not heard, contact the branch that the product was purchased or service center.
Do not put fingers or foreign substances
such as sticks to suction area or ventilation area.
Do not put fingers or foreign substances
such as sticks to suction area or ventilation area.